Can you draw Onoda? I'd love to see him in your style!


Yup I can.

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The Cheapside Hoard exhibit at the Museum of London is a feast for the senses.  While your starving eyes gorge themselves on 17th century jewels, your olfactory system will experience the anachronistic fragrance reminiscent of Jacobean England created by Master British perfumer Roja Dove in collaboration with the Museum.  This scent bottle of gold, enamel, diamond and opal was found in the hoard.  Read more,


Screencap redraw! This was really fun!

I chose a shot from one of my friend’s favorite shows, and I was thinking of actually giving this show a try; The action scenes are pretty kickass.

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The Crystal Gems
since finished tall of season 1 (???) earlier today o  w o

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Haikyuu!! parallels: chapter 9 vs chapter 93
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